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Reported Experiences Of Individuals Working With Psilocybin

This is not legal advice but rather a collective interpretation: Please refer to the disclaimers in this website, and refer to the laws of your location. Please note the laws Federal, State and City will change as legislation changes, as it often does.

In a cross section of individuals that work with plant medicine psilocybin privately in their own homes, in clinical trials, or in religious ceremony the following seems to be the consensus. Psilocybin if grown by the individual and taken in their home, as it is taken in the person’s personal space in certain Cities and a few States “can” be legal. Additionally Psilocybin taken within a clinical trial can be legal with the correct approval. Finally in religious ceremony protected by Religious Freedom Restoration Act ( RFRA ) passed in 1993 plant medicine psilocybin can be a medicine of religious choice. If working with plant medicine psilocybin in a religious ceremony it is currently the law to take the medicine in ones home schedule a “medicine sitter” that is not on medicine to take you to ceremony and you can integrate plant medicine psilocybin in a religious ceremony.

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