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Psilocybin is a naturally occurring psychedelic prodrug compound produced by more than 200 species of fungi. In small quantities (micro-dosing) there is evidence that psilocybin can have a positive effect on many aspects of well-being including higher levels of creativity, more energy and greater ability to concentrate, as well as less stress, anxiety, and even depression. Some enthusiasts also claim that micro-doses of psilocybin have enhanced their spiritual awareness as well as their senses.

Psilocybin is currently considered a class one drug and it is not legal in the United States. Working with plant medicine psilocybin in a therapeutic setting, a clinical trial , or a research trial is legal when the process is followed according to federal and or state laws. The following statements are for educational and research purposes only. 

Psilocybin Philosophy.png


Psilocybin mushrooms can be consumed in various forms, from eating the mushrooms themselves to preparing a mushroom tea, or consuming mushrooms infused into chocolate. The process of “Intentional Journeying” is an intentional inward experience with yourself. The process often involves strong emotions, openness, and visual experiences.


Psilocybin range .10g to .50g.

Enhanced Micro-dosing - .75g. - 1.5g taken 1 day apart (example: Monday, Wednesday, Friday)

Heroic Dose - 3.0g - 5.0g

Landscape of Micro-dosing

A micro-dose consists of consuming a hallucinogenic substance in amounts below what is perceptible. Many people who have incorporated psilocybin micro-doses into their routines report having higher levels of creativity, more energy, greater ability to concentrate and easier to relate, as well as less anxiety, stress, and even depression. Determining the correct amount of plant medicine psilocybin micro-dose level is a mindful and varying process. When onboarding plant medicine psilocybin it is valuable to take the process slowly and work with a micro dose level for a 10 day period, evaluate and adjust as the medicine can be more sensitive to some people. You can work with any variety of plant medicine psilocybin, the most popular varieties are psilocybe cubensis, psilocybe semilanceata, psilocybe azurecens, psilocybe cyanescens, and panaeolus. When working with plant medicine psilocybin take into account the amount of psilocybin contained in the variety you are going to use (for example, the last two mentioned are rich in psilocybin), adjusting the micro-dose accordingly.

Reported Experiences

​Spiritual Benefits: Some enthusiasts claim that micro-doses of psilocybin have enhanced their spiritual awareness as well as their senses.

Medical benefits: In addition, studies on hallucinogens have found that psilocybin may have positive effects on anxiety and mood disorders. It is noted, the Beckley Foundation is spearheading the legalization of psilocybin mushrooms, supported by studies showing that psilocybin has long-term positive effects on the treatment of patients with depression resistant to conventional treatments.

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Select your PMOP (Plant Medicine On-boarding Provider). After selecting your PMOP it is important to get to know one another. This process of preparation is about cultivating trust, safety, and developing a system of holding space for the journeyer. The patient requires support during their psilocybin session. It is important to engage in numerous conversations prior to a journey to fully develop this relationship.

The Hand Shake

The introduction to Plant Medicine Psilocybin is called the handshake. A preparation of medicine is in the range of .10g to .75g, often it is .50g to 1.g . The medicine has an experience that is unlike any other experience known to us. The words that could or would explain the experience of plant medicine psilocybin are words not yet known to us. The experience of plant medicine psilocybin is not terrifying or unpleasant it is simply a new feeling we are experiencing. The “hand shake” is an intentional step of introduction to the patient and the plant medicine. The “hand shake” prepares the journeyer to this other field of consciousness, allowing for the larger journey to present, prepare, and unfold.


The patient sits or lies in a position of their comfort. The room is to provide comfort for the patient. The PMOP will inquire with the patient as to how they feel in the room, listen to them and prepare what is possible for their comfort. The patient informs the PMOP of their desired dose.

The plant medicine psilocybin can be prepared in the following: the first option is the plant medicine in its natural form. The plant medicine psilocybin is weighted in grams, then the patient picks up the mushroom medicine placing in the mouth and chews and swallows (*note: often bite for bite with chocolate). The second option is capsules. The plant medicine psilocybin is ground with a mortar & pestle, or a coffee grinder into a powder. Then capsules are filled and weighed with the plant medicine. Third option is tea, the plant medicine is ground by mortar & pestle or a coffee grinder. Then the tea is steeped; heat up water to boiling, place the broken/ground plant medicine mushrooms in a large cup, pour the boiling water over the plant medicine mushrooms, stir a tea bag into the cup and let it steep for 15 minutes. Next add lemon juice, fresh ginger and honey to the steeping tea. Add another boiling cup of hot water and heat in a sauce pan to a boil, then let it steep for another 10 minutes. Drink the tea and the remnants of the medicine.

Other elements that help in the journey: A playlist lasting from 5 hours to 8 hours is recommended. An eye mask is present for the patient, I find offering the eye mask is helpful. Often the patient places the eye mask on the forehead and pulls it down as they feel inclined. The process of the journey lasts from 6 to 8 hours. It is necessary, important, and helpful to have a therapist and or a PMOP present during the journey.

Psilocybin Experience.png


Finding Your Vibration

After working with plant medicine you experience a vibration, a frequency, a tone, a sense that something is setting in balance, an alignment within your being. The medicine seems to work with our original essence to bring us back home. After your journey the following day you will notice you have little interest in participating in fear based thought an action. You may find… you just can’t go there anymore. These ego based frequencies just are not in alignment with you any longer. Your heart is not interested in whom is right, or has more blame, who launched the conflict, and you may experience a deep dedication to love & connection to everything. I am myself …. and I am you, the you in which I am experiencing conflict. In truth, when others suffer we suffer. There simply is not a they or them.

I encourage you if you experience fear or hesitation to speak your truth with love…. Do not hold back. Give your heart freely to everyone, no expectations, and no attachment.


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